Savor Missouri: River Hill Country Food and Wine

savormissouri_cover6 “Think of Savor Missouri as a gateway to memories your family and friends can share for generations to come.”
~Katie Steele Danner, Missouri Director of Tourism

“With this wonderful guide, you can take the time to fully engage your senses, pair these recipes with travel throughout the state, and enjoy all the beauty and tastes this great state has to offer.”
~John Hagler, Missouri Director of Agriculture

“Savor Missouri celebrates the flavors of our region with family recipes from the people working the land. It takes you right up to the table of the people working to produce Missouri’s abundant and delicious food and wine. It’s a stand out read.”
~Danita Allen Wood, Editor-in-Chief, Missouri Life Magazine

Available from your favorite booksellers: ISBN 13 digit: 978-1-938905-08-7 ISBN 10 digit: 1-938905-08-3,,,,, Barnes and Nobel stores in Missouri, Tallulah’s in Columbia, Missouri

8-11-11 276


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